Music Production, Record Label and Studio
Music production including mixing and mastering, record label, studio hire.
Agatha Crup Graphic Novel and Game
Graphic novel with a largely female cast. Play through scenes on your desktop.
Web Design, Graphic Design and 3D Arts
Web Design from NHS to start ups no job too small. Graphic design and 3D arts.
agatha crup

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There are 3 simple rules to web development. 1/ It makes you money. 2/ The looks beautiful on all devices. 3/ You get what you pay for.


Opaz multimedia are proud to announce the signing of Mary Jane as the vocalist on the soundtrack from the forthcoming animated comic and game 'Agatha Crup' Her performance videos will appear in the program and games. Opaz will also produce an album of her own solo songs for her debut called 'Diverse' "Mary Jane is a young and gifted singer with an exceptional and emotional voice. With a great ear and a fantastic attitude she nails most performances in just a few takes. I've been in this game a while and I can say hand on heart she's one of the best I've worked with and she's only 17". Ray Hayden. Vids coming soon, more on my next update in April.




New Music on Opaz for 2015 includes Jeremy Johnsons LP Humanity and new material from Ray Hayden and Martine Girault.


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In 1986 Ray Hayden opened Opaz Recording Studios in Hackney, by 1992 Opaz had become one of the leading recording studios for black music in London and he started Opaz Productions. Its first record, Martine Girault's Revival, went straight to Number 1 in the Dance Chart and Ray went on to become an internationally renowned producer and singer and Opaz an established independent record label. His credits also include Mica Paris, Marvin Gaye, Will Smith, Mary J Blige and his work has featured in major Hollywood films, TV shows and advertising. Ray used his position and resources to co-found The British RnB Association which brought about the first official Black Music Chart in the UK. The RnB Chart was essential as a reference for the American market for the successes of artists and musicians hoping to export their work to that territory. It was published weekly in Music Week magazine and the Top 30 was counted down every Sunday on Kiss FM, hosted by Trevor Nelson.

By 2002 he gave regular Master Classes in Production and Mixing at Guildford Music Academy, hosted seminars for the Musicians' Union and was approached to set up a college with a local charity based in Hackney Wick called UXL.

Opaz Studios taught music technology to people with learning disabilities, long term unemployed, problem kids and parolees. Between 2002 and 2006, 526 students acquired the Opaz City & Guilds qualification and many went on to full time careers in the music industry. When the lease to his Hackney studio expired he acquired new studio premises in St Johns Wood a stones throw from London's famous Abbey Road Studios. where his associates Dharma Sound Labs run a state of the art production and mastering facility and also provides a home to Solar Radio, the world's leading soul music internet radio station.

With the development of the internet and digital technology he broadened his activities, learning 3d arts, website and computer game design he consolidated his studios, production and label activities under the new banner of Opaz Multimedia. Ray has spent the last 3 years developing a multimedia project at Agatha Crup is essentially a graphic novel but with the option to jump into scenes as playable computer games. Although the project is still in its infancy you can view it here